Simply download the pdf, print, enjoy and share the love.


The ultimate ‘to do’ list

This ‘To Do’ list isn’t like your ordinary checklist. It contains the perfect formulation of sections to enhance productivity (as determined by me). Plus a bonus ‘checklist’ to help ensure key daily tasks are completed.

clipboard-2 copy.jpg

Dogs and plant calendar

Who doesn’t love dogs and plants?! Well if you love them as much as I do - please enjoy this calendar with a selection of 12 good doggos surrounded by plants. This calendar pdf comes with blank boxes so you can use it year to year.


Fitness tracker

Exercise doesn’t come naturally to everyone…Some people need a little reminding (i.e. me). If you’re like me a gentle reminder stuck on the wall helps keep you motivated. Colour in the hearts as you achieve your exercise goals. The more colours the better!